Hi! I'm Jordana

You never know how strong you are until you have to be. This is a quote I embrace ⁣everyday ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October. ⁣

At 32 yrs old and 11 weeks pregnant I found out I had breast cancer. Never did I think I would have received that phone call. But here I am, so young and carrying a baby, faced with the biggest challenge of my life. And will I let cancer take me down-never. ⁣

My husband and I collapsed to the floor. A million thoughts running through our head-What stage?Did it spread?What about the baby?Is it treatable?Is it beatable?Needless to say, it was the scariest day of our lives. ⁣

Then we got answers, were educated & became informed. We learned we could keep our baby because our bodies are the most incredible machines, ever. I found a new strength in my husband & my family who are my unbelievable support system. We all have a new bond now I literally did not know existed. Family is everything. I found strength in my team of doctors, the breast cancer community. I found strength in my friends and my best friends, my colleagues, my faith and even strangers.

The doctors will never know for sure how my pregnancy effected my cancer. Jon and I tell a different story. This baby, our son, saved my life. He is our little warrior who has literally been by my side for numerous chemotherapy treatments and my mastectomy before even taking a breath on earth. ⁣

I’m not asking for sympathy or pity or to feel sorry for me because that is everything I do not want. Instead I want you to cheer for me, to join my support system, stand proud in my corner & tell me we are going to get through this together. Don’t take life too seriously. Realize all those little things that you think are problems, are not. Be a little kinder everyday to the people you love, or people you don’t even like-you never know what they are going through. Most important do not take health for granted & if anything does not feel right, take action. Do it for me, please. Lastly as we start this journey together & now that I invited you along for the ride, I ask you to be strong for me, #jordystrong. ⁣⁣


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